Puppy Class

Metropolitan Dog Obedience Club now offers Puppy Classes run by experienced trainers from Bonnie's Dog Obedience, a multi-award winning dog and puppy training centre.

The most important thing you can do in the whole of your dog’s life, is to socialise it fully while it is still young. Socializing with people and other puppies and the real world too. Bonnie's and Metro Dog Club have been collectively training puppies and dogs for almost 100 years and we specialize in training, appreciating, respecting and loving puppies and dogs.


A puppy grows approximately 15 times faster than we do in the first year. This means that every 3 weeks it grows one year older in human terms. Their reflexes, ability to see and focus on moving objects is many, many times faster than ours. Can you keep up with that? No wonder dogs get out of hand. Puppy classes are suitable and extremely important for puppies aged 8 to 16 weeks.


If you’re unsure about vaccinations, being outside in a general area with your puppy before their final vaccinations or other questions about this issue then we have written an article on this you may like to read.

What puppies learn in these few short weeks (8 - 16) weeks, form the basis of their adult lives, this is known as the IMPRINT period. Lots of socialising with other pups their own age. Lots of noise, scents, sounds and experiences, all under professional guidance, should give you a sound, well-balanced adult dog when the owners are consistent, controlled and above all clear with their dog. This takes practice and effort by ALL in the family. This includes children.


We also have specific information for your kids to understand where they fit into the HUMAN Pack structure and how they can help mum and dad at home so bring them with you. Please explain to them that they must ask to pat someone else’s puppy.


Education for the puppy owners is vital if the puppy is to become a well-adjusted, important part of a family. Understanding why the puppy does the things he does will make life a lot easier and better for his human companions.


Areas covered at Bonnie’s puppy classes include toilet training, sleeping arrangements, feeding, worming, teaching home manners, teaching how children and puppies can be best socialised, and general care of the puppy and its health. We don’t give advice on any medical or health matter which would be answered by your vet practitioner.


Once you have been through Puppy School, Metro Dog Club would be delighted to take you through the next obedience training periods for you best mate. What really matters is the relationships you and your family can build with your dog.

Important Info

Puppy class runs on a Monday nights from 7pm to 8pm.  

The cost is $200 for a 4 week course and a copy of the "Who's The Boss" book, written by Val Bonney