Respect the Rules.

Need a Lead?
  • Visit the equipment stand and purchase leads, collars, treats and club clothing at competitive prices.


  • We have a variety of different training halters and harnesses.

BCC Council Rules

Respect dogs tethered or wearing a yellow ribbon and give them space. They may be in training or have issues that is being dealt with.

  • By Law, BCC Council requires that dog owners carry poo bags with them at all times when out with their canine companions.


  • All dogs MUST be on lead while on club grounds or around clubhouse and car park, unless directed by a Training Coordinator or Club Instructor.

Dog Rules
  • No dogs allowed in clubhouse


  • No dogs allowed on concrete block in front of clubhouse, except if being fitted for equipment.(exluding instructors dogs)


  • Bitches who are `in-season` will not be allowed on club grounds        (21 days from start)


  • Dogs must be 20 weeks of age or more to start training in class 1 


  • Dogs must generally be a minimum Class 3 standard in obedience / be 12 months of age and be assessed by the Training Coordinator to begin Agility /Jumping /training. Suitably experienced handlers may apply to the Committee in conjunction with the Training Coordinator to begin controlled Agility / Jumping Training minimizing exposure to equipment which potentially places the dog at risk.


  • No dogs are allowed to be tethered to the water pipe. (near cricket club building) or tethered to the Puppy Fence.

  • Everyone must be a member of Metropolitan Dog Obedience Club to participate in any club activity, including Monday and Wednesday night training


  • Handlers MUST clean up after your dog -  if your dog has fouled the ground.


  • All handlers MUST wear fully enclosed footwear while training their dogs on club grounds. People will be excluded from training without appropriate shoes. This rule is strictly upheld. 


  • Children must be 12 years of age or older and capable of handling their dog.


  • People and their dogs are to remain clear of and refrain from aproaching any dogs wearing a YELLOW ribbon or bandanna and/or those dogs that are tethered, at all times except, with the permission of the owner of the dog.


  • ONE dog- ONE  tether

  • ONE handler- ONE dog at any time in Class (Groups excepted).

  • As we lease our training facilities from the Cricket club it is a stipulation of all members and dogs not to walk on the cricket pitch in the middle of our training area 



Handlers Rules