Ever had a problem with your dog that you couldn't fix?? Then someone suggests a way to help and it works. Many hands make light work in all things including dog training. New methods and ideas from people can help your dog with its training.  All training is hit and miss. What works for one dog might not work for another. So lets try getting some help from everyone. 

Each week Metro Dog Obedience will be asking on our Facebook page if anyone has any training problems so we can get lots of hints and tips that might help. The aim is that the everyone who trains their dogs can share their training experiences and expertise to help others.

Here's how it works!

Post a problem your having on our Facebook page, people can then reply to your post with their tips and tricks. These tips and tricks will be put up onto our website for future reference

 My Dog jumps up all the time, How do I stop this?


  • Turning your back on them is often good or putting a knee up to stop the jump. Encourage other friends and members of the family to do the same

  • I found the best way to train my pup when he did this, was to give, a sharp "No!" or deep "Ah-ah!", then turn away and completely ignore him. I had regular visitors/family/friends do the same thing to help him learn he'd get the same treatment from everyone, and he quickly learned that he wouldn't get any attention from jumping. 
    At the same time, positive reinforcement was used in that anytime he greeted someone without jumping, he got huge pats and lots of attention

  • A lead at the front door helps as well. Encourage your dog to sit and only let people approach your dog and pat it if all four feet are on the ground. Reward the good behaviour.

How can I stop my dog Howling/Whining when near other dogs if he can’t get to them to play?


  • Distraction is the key. Squeek something. When they make eye contact ... reward with treat or affirmation.

How can I stop my dog barking  and carrying on when people walk past our house and even worse when the postie goes by?


  • If you can get a neighbour or friend to walk past the house and if your dog barks stop and stand out the front, eventually (it can take 5-20min) your dog will realise that the barking doesn’t make the person go away from “their yard” and should stop. Get your neighbour to walk away only now the dog has stopped. Repeat the process a couple of times and your dog will understand it’s not their barking that makes people go away. Good Luck

  • Quiet, come and reward. They soon learn it is much more fun.

  • I had this problem as well. I tried a dog whistle. As soon as the dog starts barking blow the dog whistle and get them to come. Reward when they do. This way it is a distraction. I also had to fence off my front yard so the dogs can only access the back to avoid them being right at the front fence.