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Metropolitan Dog Obedience Club shares the facilities of the Warehouse Cricketers Clubhouse that is situated at Marchant Park, Field 1, Murphy Road entrance, Chermside, Queensland. The Metro Dog House is our own storage and clubhouse facility. 


Class Times 


Class 4 obedience - Monday 7pm - 7.45pm

Class 1, 2 and 3 obedience- Monday  8pm - 8.45pm

Rally Obedience - Wed 7pm 

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Come along to Marchant Park, Corner of Gympie & Murphy Road, Chermside, Queensland and have fun training your dog to be a civilized and enjoyable member of your family 

Got a problem dog? Ask for help from one of our Instructors. We have trained volunteer instructors who will be able to help you with all of your problems. Contrary to popular belief, you do not need to have a pedigreed dog to compete in Obedience competitions and we recommend basic obedience for all Canine Companions.


We offer Obedience Classes 1 to 4 and Rally O Training. 

Class Times. 

Class 1 Introduction - Mondays 8pm - 8.45pm

Class 1, 2 and 3 Obedience - Mondays  8pm - 8.45pm

Class 4 Obedience - Mondays 7pm - 7.45pm

Rally Obedience - Wednesdays 6.30pm


Class 1 introduction bookings on our booking page 

For more detailed information about each

class and criteria needed for progression go to 

Club Intro and Guidelines 

Fees are detailed here 

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Welcome to Metropolitan Dog Obedience Club Inc.

 Important Information 




A one off joining fee of $40 ( per person).

    An annual membership of $35 ( per person)

    the first two weeks of class $14

 email metrodogclub@live.com.au  
for any cancelations 


on the 1st Sept 2019.

If membership is not paid by this date you cannot train until it is paid. 


Our AGM is coming up soon.

It is to be held at 7:30pm

Thursday 24th October 2019

Members are welcome

Nominations are being taken for Management committee seats. Committee nomination forms can be found on the website at www.metrodogclub.com on the home page. All nominations to be emailed to WendyWaller59@bigpond.com or handed in to the check in desk.

It's Raining Is Training On?


Normally training sessions are not cancelled due to rain. Marchant Park does not seem to get the same weather you may experience at home. In fact some members call the park a Weather Vortex as it can be raining across the road but be fine on the grounds.

If it has been raining consistently all day or for the past few days training will be cancelled.

While your instructors recommend training in all weather conditions, Warehouse Cricket Association must consider the upkeep of the grounds and a soggy paddock is very easy to damage. In drizzly weather you may need to wear your wet weather gear and remember to bring a towel to rub down your canine companion at the end of the night. Training will continue as normal. 


Where possible, cancellations will be posted on the facebook page at