Training Status: Still On!

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Metropolitan Dog Obedience Club welcomes all handlers from 12 years and older, and all areas of skill. It is our mission to teach you how to teach your dog to become a welcomed member of society. Our instructors are volunteers and each has a passion for dog behaviour and obedience, which we are willing to share with our prospective handlers.

Metro actively participates and encourages our members to compete in every discipline of Dog Sports. Currently, we have members competing in Conformation, Obedience, Rally-O, Agility, Jumping, Retrieving, Tracking, Endurance, Herding and Dancing with Dogs!

We run different levels of classes that offer a unique progression for you and your dog, up to a very high level of obedience. You progress through these classes as you attend! Come and see what you and your dog are capable of!


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