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                   The AGM was held onNovember 2nd

                   and the following position were filled

President- Aldo Calderara                    Vice President- Mark Newton

Secretary- Wendy Waller                      Treasurer        - Lisa Wilson

Committee- Davene Hines, Trent McMahon, Annie Tamblyn

Trial Secretary- Helen Marr                 Membership/Trophy Officer- Gus Loudon

It was decided at the General Meeting after the AGM to increase the Nightly Training fee to $ 8 to help cover increasing costs.

Trialing members: Trophy Nominations close 1st November each year, Forms available from office

information about Our    CoVid19 Rules!  Please Read

We are currently complying with COVID-19 restrictions and guidelines regarding our training. As an affiliate club of Dogs QLD, we abide by their policies and their  COVID-19 Regulations in line with the current QLD health directives.


This means that YOU DO NOT have to be Vaccinated or show proof to attend events and/or training.


We ask that you respect our staff as we are all volunteers.

Training Cancellation due to inclement weather will be placed on front page usually about 5pm on the Monday afternoon

If you have any questions, please contact us via our webpage here!


Please note, aggressive behavior, abuse or anything similar will not be tolerated at our grounds towards any person. Please be understanding and respectful as we all try to do the right thing!

Thank you.

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Marchant Park, Aspley QLD, Australia

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