Our Classes - what to expect

Metropolitan Dog Club offers graded class levels teaching obedience and everyday life skills so that your canine companion can be a happy, confident member of your family

Dog Outdoors

introductory class

Classes start with an introductory session, without your dog.  You will be guided through our ground rules, some basic information to get you started at home and also how to progress through our class levels.  These sessions are limited to 12 participants and generally are scheduled fortnightly - check the Book Now page for upcoming scheduled dates.  

class level assessments

If you are an experienced handler or are a returning Metro member, you can book in for a free assessment to be slotted into the class level most appropriate for you without having to do the introductory class. These assessments are conducted at 7.30pm each Monday night (some Public Holidays excluded). 

Dog Training

class levels 1 - 4

Classes 1 through 3 are conducted each Monday night (some public holidays excluded) from 8.00pm, introducing new skills and building on ones learned in previous classes.  After having done the Introductory session and your subsequent first class night, you are free to attend classes as and when you can paying as you go, however for best results it is recommended you get to class as frequently as you can - practice makes perfect!

Class 4 is conducted each Monday night from 7.00pm and is largely designed for those who wish to compete in Dog Sport Competitions - ask any of our trainers for further information.

Dog Training